The Weight-Loss Paradox: an enlightened approach to body weight and diet


Losing weight is confusing, full of struggle, and, for most of us, unsuccessful.

Approaching my mid-30s, I’d been overweight for more than half my life – all my adult life. Something had to change.

I wanted to know why I was fat and how I could be thin and lean again. Along the way I lost 20kg without really trying. I lowered my BMI from the cusp of obesity, back down well into the normal range.

This book is an account of my journey: how I cut through all the doubt and confusion surrounding weight loss and diet, got to the very heart of the problem, and then solved it.

The Weight-Loss Paradox: an Enlightened Approach to Body Weight and Diet is a refreshingly honest and insightful account of what makes us overweight, the hidden motives behind our dysfunctional relationship with food, and how we can achieve lasting change without the inner conflict and struggle. Available from Amazon in ebook and paperback.

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