To Create a World: a fantasy novel


“We humans have a need, a desire for something magical, for something otherworldly. And that desire was once sated. They used to live among us, the creatures of our dreams and nightmares. We used to dwell in the midst of great adventures and heroism, battles between good and evil.”

“Then what happened to it all?” Tom asked in a quiet voice.

The old man shrugged. “People found a way to deny the need, most of them, or to fill it with other things, distractions. And so that other world, that other realm has shrunk. It used to be everywhere, and now it is almost impossible to find.

“I can see you don’t believe me,” Randolph sighed, “but you don’t have to believe me. All you have to do is keep going deeper into the forest. Find the magician, and he’ll cure your sister’s illness, and you can go back to living here in the hills. It couldn’t be easier.”

Tom Gunn loves reading fantasy books and having adventures on his family’s land in the hills. But when his sister becomes mysteriously sick and their parents decide to move down to the city, Tom feels like his life has had all the adventure sucked out of it. 

Then one day Tom runs into their gruff old neighbour Mr Randolph, who tells him about a hidden magical world, and a magician who can cure his sister. But Tom arrives to find the world all but empty, and the magician long gone.

Now it’s up to Tom to put things right, to bring back the magic and adventure and somehow save his sister!

To Create a World is the first in a series of contemporary fantasy novels. Available in paperback from Amazon and as an ebook from

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